AHC Hosts Policy Forum with USTR, Dept. of Commerce on Global Health and Economic Growth

Washington, D.C., July 7, 2015 — The Alliance for Healthcare Competitiveness (AHC) hosted a policy forum today to address the challenges and opportunities of broadening the global marketplace for health goods and services, and solutions the private and public sector can offer to improve global access to care and drive economic growth and greater worker productivity.

Distinguished speakers from across the government and healthcare spectrum included Deputy U.S. Trade Representative Ambassador Robert Holleyman; Stefan Selig, Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade; Dominic Caruso, Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer at Johnson & Johnson; Jeff Mazzoni, Chief Financial Officer, GE Healthcare Americas; and Ambassador Sally Cowal, Senior Vice President, Global Health, American Cancer Society.

“Healthcare is both a personal and an economic issue, for us and for nations around the world,” said Dominic Caruso of Johnson & Johnson. “Public and private partnerships—between business and government, and business and community advocates—are the foundation for a healthier society and a healthier economy. A healthy society creates jobs and supports productive individuals, and a healthy society is a more stable, prosperous society.”

The forum featured robust discussion by participants around the importance of healthcare in spurring medical advancement, economic development, and improved health outcomes through key policy and trade negotiations. Participants highlighted public and private sector opportunities to enhance innovation and patient access to care, which lead to better health outcomes, through strategic investments in health systems. During the discussion, Ambassador Holleyman and Mr. Selig emphasized the efforts being made by USTR and Commerce to promote greater global investments in health goods and services, and the specific challenges that impede the development of robust health systems. Representing the non-profit space, Ms. Cowal of the American Cancer Society provided perspective into how cancer and other diseases are impacting global health and productivity around the world.

“Improving health means helping governments develop sustainable healthcare systems, and developing innovative technologies that meet healthcare needs around the world,” said Jeff Mazzoni, CFO of GE Healthcare Americas. “Improving health and healthcare systems is an investment in long-term economic growth, and the next frontier for global trade.”

 Today’s event provided participants with a valuable forum to discuss opportunities to improve lives while stimulating economic growth, creating jobs and enhancing personal productivity and well-being around the world. AHC supports efforts to bring together the U.S. healthcare sector with government and organizations across the healthcare community, to promote the delivery of innovative solutions across borders and expand access to care for patients who need it most.

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