Continuing the Fight For Transparency and Procedural Fairness, AHC Member AdvaMed Sends CEO Letter to Japanese Government

Protecting transparency and due process for reimbursement of medical products remains a critical issue in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations. In March, CEOs of twelve AdvaMed members, the medical device association, sent a letter to Japanese trade minister Akira Amari urging Japan to support transparency and procedural fairness provisions. These provisions ensure that policies and regulations on reimbursement of medical products are non-discriminatory, based on science and data, and are made public.

The US is currently in the final stages of negotiating the TPP agreement with eleven other countries from the Americas and Asia-Pacific region. Only a few issues remain outstanding, with negotiators hoping to reach a final agreement in the coming few months. AHC has been working with the US government to build support both domestically and internationally for these provisions, which have become increasingly controversial as TPP negotiations stretch on.

Transparency and procedural fairness was first introduced in trade agreements in the US-Australia Free Trade Agreement, and has since been a key component of trade agreements for the health sector. AHC will continue to work with the healthcare community to ensure that both USTR and Congress remain committed to obtaining strong transparency and procedural fairness language in TPP. To learn more about the issue, please click here

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