AHC Joins Team TiSA

The Alliance for Healthcare Competitiveness is delighted to join Team TiSA, the business coalition dedicated to promoting and advocating for an ambitious agreement that eliminates barriers to global service trade. Team TiSA is managed by the Coalition of Service Industries, the leading industry association devoted to promoting the international objectives of service sectors. 50 countries are currently negotiating the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) in Geneva, where the last round of negotiations concluded on December 5, 2014.

Trade in services has grown faster than trade in goods since the 1980s. The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development estimates that in 2013 global exports of services reached $4.7 trillion, growing at an annual rate of 5%. Services support all aspects of healthcare delivery – from medical professionals to insurers, express delivery, information technology, architecture and design, accreditation, and many more. The Trade in Services Agreement will help increase access to healthcare around the world, improving lives, creating jobs, and meeting the healthcare needs of a growing global population.

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