AHC Applauds the U.S. Government on Important Progress to Eliminate Tariffs on Medical Products

Alliance for Healthcare Competitiveness Commends U.S. Leadership on Important Progress with ITA to Eliminate Tariffs on Medical Products

Washington, D.C. (November 13, 2014) –The Alliance for Healthcare Competitiveness (AHC) commends the Obama Administration for its leadership this week in reaching an important agreement between the United States and China under the Information Technology Agreement (ITA), including provisions that seek the elimination of tariffs globally on medical products that use information technology. AHC applauds the efforts of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) and other leaders in taking this important step forward in reducing barriers to valuable health technology.

AHC is a coalition of leading healthcare manufacturers, payers, service providers and non-profits that represent the health ecosystem. The coalition supports the elimination of a wide range of outdated barriers to healthcare goods and services to help deliver the best technologies to meet the health needs of our growing population and expand access to therapeutic advances to patients in need. AHC looks forward to swift completion of the final ITA agreement that would, among other priorities, remove hurdles to the delivery of world class medical technology, increase productivity and spur economic growth in countries around the world.


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